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Please tell me this is a joke.   DCLXVI Rebels of Discord  vFM5hod.png talk

Jorge told me you were harassing him in PM and told me that other users have been complaining about you.  RUO8ZYJ.gif wIdhhxy.png DO7abUR.png 

Did he provide evidence, cus I sure got some, and I was also harassed and offended by him, what a coincidence :o   DCLXVI Rebels of Discord  vFM5hod.png talk

Oh hey, I was banned from the chat, could I get unbanned? ~~~~

What did I do? Also, I'm waiting for that welcome note...(~~~~)

I'm your biggest fan!

Haya Fony~ I love your art chica, and I'm such a huge fan! (ooh) Hehe, that's all, oh and you're one of my besties! (smile) baii!  Princess Iris talk   9M6ad7g.png  ~~~~

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