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Episode transcript

Prologue: Twilight's Tree of Harmony lesson

The Young Six's study group

Cozy Glow's seeds of doubt

A discovery in the library

Encounter in the catacombs

Separated / The Storm King's return?

Claustrophobia and arachnophobia

Smolder and the Stepford Ponies

Ocellus and Sandbar's deepest fears

Gallus surpasses the walls

Smolder embraces her inner cuteness

Yona the arachno-whisperer

Not just any dragon and griffon anymore

Sandbar and "Queen" Ocellus' fears

Silverstream conquers the storm

Ocellus' past is not today

The Young Six reunite (except for one)

Sandbar overcomes his hero worship

The Tree of Harmony's test

Return to the school library