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Windy the Windigo
Character(s) Flim and Flam
Sung by Andrew Knox
Music by Julie Nichols
Lyrics by James Asmus
Length 1:25
Key signature G major
E♭ major
E major
Appears in My Little Pony Holiday Special 2017

Windy the Windigo is a song from the IDW comics' My Little Pony Holiday Special 2017, written by James Asmus. Flim and Flam sing the song on pages 6-7 to raise awareness about the titular wintertime creature.

An "unofficial" sung version of the song, sung by Andrew Knox, was published on Vimeo on December 13, 2017 by Jim Festante.


Cover A of My Little Pony Holiday Special 2017, by Brenda Hickey

Note: Red text denotes "real" version-only lines.

You may have heard the history of this great holiday
How pony, 'corn, and Pegasus drove windigos away
But have you ever wondered—since they disappeared
How we get snow on Hearthswarming
[Flim and Flam]
Each and ev'ry yeeeaar?
Windy the Windigo!
She's[sic] the one—to make it snow
Just enough on each Hearthswarming Eeeeve!
So fire up! The fireplace!
Pour hot cider on your face!
She'll bring the cold as long as you belieeeeve!
Flim: Which brings us back to the cookies! These are Windy's favorite! Y'see, kindness keeps most windigos away
Flam: —but Windy's special! Showing her a little kindness ensures we have just the right amount of snow to make Hearthswarming cozy! Sooo
—When you want cold—but not too much
Windy brings her magic touch!
And a perfect gust of nice and frosty aaair—
[Flim and Flam]
So buy these cookies—tell you why
Throw them up into the sky
And then you'll know that Win! Dy! Will! Be! Theeeeerre!

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