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For this character's pony counterpart, see Zephyr Breeze.
Zephyr Breeze
Zephyr Breeze ID EGDS5.png

Zephyr Breeze in Overpowered
Kind Human
Sex Male
Residence Human world
Occupation Student at Canterlot High School
Employee at Trend of the Line
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Eyes Grayish cerise
Hair Pale, light grayish gold
Skin Pale, light grayish aquamarine
Relatives Fluttershy (older sister)
Voice Ryan Beil (English)
Tomoya Yano (Japanese)
Ivan Kalinin (Russian)

Zephyr Breeze's human counterpart appears in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls franchise. He is a student at Canterlot High School.

Depiction in Equestria Girls

Better Together/Choose Your Own Ending

Zephyr Breeze appears in the Better Together short Overpowered, asking Rainbow Dash out on a date before being snubbed. In the Rainbow Dash ending of the Choose Your Own Ending short Best Trends Forever, he appears wearing a rainbow wig after Rarity makes Rainbow Dash a fashion trend. In the beach short Aww... Baby Turtles, Zephyr appears standing knee-deep in the water with Lyra Heartstrings. In Blue Crushed, he tries to impress Rainbow Dash with his surfing skills and fails when he reveals he does not know how to surf.

In the second season short Schedule Swap, Zephyr briefly appears in woodshop class during Rarity's school schedule mix-up, and he shows off a flute he made. In I'm on a Yacht, he attends a pool party on the Luxe Deluxe cruise ship. In the Choose Your Own Ending short Lost and Pound, he appears at the Starswirled Music Festival.

Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship

In Forgotten Friendship, Zephyr makes a brief cameo hanging out with Snips and Snails outside Canterlot High School.

Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass

In Sunset's Backstage Pass, Zephyr Breeze appears in the beginning just as the Equestria Girls arrive at the Starswirled Music Festival talking to "Aqua Blossom", in the festival ticket line, and in the audience at PostCrush's concert.

Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

In the "Dashing Through the Mall" short of the holiday special, Zephyr Breeze appears as a salesperson at "Trend of the Line" at the Canterlot Mall. He helps Rainbow Dash pick out a last-minute gift for Fluttershy—an instant camera—though it later turns out that Zephyr got Fluttershy the same gift the previous year.

Other depictions

Chapter books

In the "You Choose the Ending!" novelization of Sunset's Backstage Pass, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Make Your Own Magic: Starswirl Do-Over, Zephyr Breeze appears on page 3.


"Hey, Rainbows! There you are. Do you wanna go to the mall with me?"
"Who's ready for a lesson in the fine art of the crush?"
Blue Crushed
"Rainbow Dash, if you could find the strength to forgive me and the courage to keep from hopelessly falling for my—"
— Blue Crushed
"That's 'cause it's wood shop."
Schedule Swap
"Come on in to "Trend of the Line", your home for everything from wi-fi shoelaces to... uh... regular shoes and... smaller shoes? Uh, how's it go again? Come on in to your home for everything from wi-fi shoelaces to, uh... just plain old regular shoes and... Ugh. How's it go again?"
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped


Zephyr Breeze pointing to his surfboard EGDS19.png

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